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We offer cooperation to wholesale customers.

Our benefits:

  • We are manufacturer
  • We have a wide range of products (look at catalog)
  • Flexible pricing policy
  • The production process being upgraded all the time
  • The company provides all the necessary certificates and permits for our products, including for export abroad
  • We have experience team of sales managers

Our industries:

Production and sale of PVC film and monofilament for artificial Christmas trees. +38 (067) 332-42-02, Maxim

Christmas trees wholesale (Plastic Christmas trees, Christmas products made of film, PVC pines, Christmas wreaths and garlands). +38 (067) 332-42-02, Maxim

Realization of polypropylene raw materials (PP film, PP core, monofilament for brooms) +38 (067) 332-08-98, Lily

Sale of ritual products (funeral wreaths, baskets) +38 (067) 332-08-97, Alexander

Artificial flowers (ritual decorated baskets and wreaths, flower heads) +38 (096) 343-02-32, Vladimir